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Taurus Monthly Horoscope – December 2009


Taurus Monthly Horoscope – December 2009

Taurus Job and Career Horoscope in December 2009
This is going to be an average month at the job front. Those born under Taurus sun sign may be overloaded with work. Colleagues may not be supportive. Relations with superiors may be good.

Taurus Business Horoscope in December 2009
Those born under Taurus sun sign will crack some important deals during December. Big projects would begin in this month. Receiving pending payments and paying off debts/loans are likely in December. Defeating opponents in the market will be difficult.

Taurus Finance and Money Horoscope in December 2009
Ganesha feels that despite all the expenses incurred during December, financial strength will be maintained. Those born under Taurus sun sign will be spending money on travelling, shopping, vehicles and communication.

Taurus Love/Marriage/Personal life Horoscope in December 2009
For singles born under Taurus sun sign, this is a perfect time to propose someone. Those already in a relationship may spend quality time with their beloved. This is going to be a tough period for married couples.

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Monthly Horoscope – May Fortune : Libra


Positive and loving energy from Venus in Gemini will help make this month pleasurable and interesting. You might travel or sample exotic cuisines when you dine out with friends. You’ll be drawn to the occult and metaphysics, but you’ll maintain a healthy skepticism. Ongoing changes and disruption at work could be difficult to manage. With Mars in Leo now, you’ll find that you’ll be active and outgoing and enjoy your time with like-minded people. Get involved with creative groups or organizations. Issues buried in your subconscious may cause self-sabotage. It’s time to take this seriously and examine the past.

Monthly Horoscope – May Fortune : Pisces


Jupiter and Uranus in your sign are still causing disruption and unexpected events. You’ve been changeable and moody for some time now. Venus in Gemini will help you to focus on family members, but don’t let others take advantage of you. Connections with some relatives, neighbors, and members of your community will be helpful, however. You’ll receive some good advice and support when you need it. A New Moon in Taurus on May 13 will enable you to be more practical and eager to help others. You’ll understand the need for training and education. Mars in your work sector will bring a busy time.