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Deep hole in the world


South Africa’s Kimberley diamond mine waste with a total length of approximately 1100 meters

Deep hole in the world


This is full of well-known California dam tunnel …
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This is the world’s largest Utah Kuangdonggou …
Heard that from 1863 to the present are still open which …
The diameter of the deep hole as high as 2.5 miles ~ ~


This is the deepest deep largest natural deep-hole …
Location was in the Honduran capital of Belize City …

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“The largest stone in the world”, Baalbek, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon – The Mysterious Gigantic Megaliths of Baalbeck Temples


“The largest stone in the world”, Baalbek, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon – The Mysterious Gigantic Megaliths of Baalbeck Temples

Baalbeck Temples, Moreover, the stone blocks put up by the Romans (never exceeding 70 tones) were far lighter in comparison to the massive stones.

If you explore the quarry site 3 miles away from the temples, you can still find an unmoved stone block called ‘the stone of the pregnant woman’ there, which is estimated to be of 1500 tons. It is stunning how these stone blocks, dating back to prehistoric times could be cut into such accurate shapes and fitted together without a single hair-gap precision!

These are undoubtedly the largest stone blocks of the earth and should set you wondering what kind of engineering went behind the fit and alignment of these massive structures.

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Historical Myths – Edison Invented the Lightbulb

Historical Myths – Edison Invented the Lightbulb

In fact, Thomas Edison not only did not invent the lightbulb, he did not invent many of the things attributed to him.

His shrewd business skills enabled him to steal, improve, and patent many ideas before their original inventors were able to.

He was, in addition, a ruthless man who attempted to discredit other inventors in order to gain popularity for his own.

Prior to Edison’s patent for the electric lightbulb in 1880, electric lights had already been invented. In 1840, British Astronomer and Chemist, Warren de la Rue, enclosed a platinum coil in a vacuum tube and passed an electric current through it, thus creating the world’s first light bulb – a full 40 years before Edison.

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