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My previous husband died 8 years ago to cancer. I am remarried now to my new husband of 6 years he is a retired Chief in the Navy. Here is my story. One night in November at 11:30 pm I was cleaning our fish tank.

I felt like someone had just walked into the kitchen. The light in the kitchen was off but the living room light was on so it still lit up the kitchen. I saw a shadow standing in the kitchen up against the counter. I thought it was my husband Michael. So I said, what is the matter honey could you not sleep? There was no response.

I focused and realized the shape of the body was not my husband. At first I thought someone had broke into the house. Then when focused I realized I recognized the silhouette it was James.

I was filled with pure terror. I jumped up to the couch behind me and covered my eyes and repeated out aloud don’t be scared.

I stood up and peaked into the kitchen and he was gone. I ran into the bedroom and woke up Michael. I was hysterical. Michael so tired but he said, don’t worry honey if it was James he will not hurt you he loved you. I had to call my parents in the middle of the night and wake them up. It was very traumatic to me it effected me till this day.

I would get up extra early and take a shower while my husband was still here before work for months. I am still afraid of walking into a dark room.  Two months later in January Michael’s parents came to visit our home for the first time from Missouri. We were cooking in the kitchen. I decided to take some pictures of their visit.

When the pictures were developed there was a shadow in the kitchen behind Michael’s mother. When my husband saw the photo he said, that was freaky.

It made me feel good that someone else could see what I had seen. Except when I seen James he was more defined I could see his legs and arms as if he was a person standing in the kitchen. Just wanted to share this with you and get your thoughts. God Bless.

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South Africa’s Kimberley diamond mine waste with a total length of approximately 1100 meters

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The diameter of the deep hole as high as 2.5 miles ~ ~


This is the deepest deep largest natural deep-hole …
Location was in the Honduran capital of Belize City …

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