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my name is John and I live in the Netherlands. I live in a big house that was built around 1940. I sleep in the attic of the house. In the early years my gramps was using it for mixing up chemicals for his company.

He died 10 years ago, very suddenly. Ever since I spent a lot of time in that room just as he did. A while back I took this photo in my room. I was smoking a ”J” at the time (it’s legal in Holland) and my thoughts where on the spirit world. I decided to take a picture of the smoke I blew out my mouth. When this came out I was shocked!!

I see a person in the picture and its not in a happy mood! Other people see more than just one person. I don’t know why but every since I can remember I have felt spirits. I am aged 26 now and at my 14th I had my first encounter with a shadow figure, I have never been that scared in my life.

In our house the toilet flushes on its own on a regular basis. Lights will flash when I have discussions going on with my family. We are used to that now. Anyway, I wanted to share this pic with you guys.

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Craig and George Falconer (whose mother was a conventional spiritualist medium) specialized in holding sittings where visitors were allowed to see the camera being loaded with fresh film and observe the whole process from exposure to development.

This reinforced the authenticity of their psychic photographs, distinguished by the appearance of spirits alongside their human counterparts. They were eventually arrested, tried and convicted of fraud in South Africa in 1931, on the evidence of two plainclothes men posing as sitters.

All their equipment was confiscated and the brothers were sentenced to pay fines of £150 each, or serve 12 months imprisonment with hard labor.

The prosecutionestablished that the ‘extras’ or spirits they obtained were photomechanical images that displayed thedotted appearance of screen-printing. The cloudy ‘ectoplasm’ was also found to be manipulated.

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Unscrupulous or gullible ghost hunters may try to tell you that these bright objects are spirits of the dead – they’re not. They are small and swarming insects, such as gnats. They were visible about five feet in front of the camera before I pressed the shutter button, and were still there after the photo was taken.

With a powerful flash unit (Nikon SB22) only a few feet away, the insects were brilliantly illuminated and appear much larger than they actually are.

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