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this was taken in 1981, by a man who was a bachelor and had just moved into an apartment, there was newspaper on the window, so no light was coming in. He was taking pics of his place for his friends, and THIS showed up on the TV.

He showed it to his Aunt who cried and said she lost a little boy that looked like that. Since then, he has gotten married and has his own children, but this picture has always haunted him, so to speak. He claims this child looks exactly like one of his sons.

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Hi my friend took a photo of her and to her surprise there was a really weird ghost figure besides her. here’s here original quote when she sent it to me. (knowing I like the paranormal) “this is a photo taken from my friends Mac, which was in her garage. there’s a hand, like a handprint. and look down below it, there’s a top part of a face.

it’s not photoshopped, it’s not edited in any way.” in the top left there’s a clear visible hand and in the lower right there’s a face (from what she can see) but I believe its part of the other hand. I believe her and its a pretty creepy image. take a look hopefully you’ll like it.

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Grandma’s Ghost


Grandma’s Ghost

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On another occasion, my GIL would suddenly scold my MIL for not serving tea to our guest sitting in our living room. My MIL stared at the empty sofa and could see no one although my GIL would keep on telling her off about her manners and how she treats our guests. That was already enough for me to feel chilly all over.

Then there was another time when I caught my GIL crying all by herself. When I asked her what was wrong, she pointed at the dining table, telling me that she saw her husband (who had already passed away many years ago) visiting her and taking his dinner on that table at that very moment. I turned to look at the direction of the dining table, half expected that I might probably “bump” into my late GFIL, but could not see a soul there. My GIL continued crying until a few hours later.

One incident that really scared me was one afternoon when I was accompanying my GIL at her room. Her room had a window to the house courtyard and a chair happened to be located just outside the window. That afternoon, I could see my GIL’s mood was really grouchy and she kept on grumbling to herself.

Out of curiosity, I asked her if anyting was amiss. My GIL replied grumpily, ” I keep on telling her to leave but she’s just sitting out there the whole morning!”. At that same time, she was pointing towards the chair that was situated just outside her window.

I asked her
who was that but GIL just replied, “How should I know? I keep on asking her to leave, but she just sat there not leaving at all and I don’t like it”. I was curious at the moment because the whole family knew that my GIL can sometimes see things that we could not see and most of the time, it was our relatives visiting her.

So I asked her how the lady looked like. My GIL replied “She’s not pretty at all! She has her long hair covering her face and she is wearing a red dress”. At that point, her words sent shivers down my spine.

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