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How much sun in the end? Read the picture will know


How much sun in the end? Read the picture will know



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The sun is the center of the solar system objects, is the solar system’s only one star, but also the latest one star from Earth. The sun is located in the Milky Way near the symmetry plane from the center of the Milky Way about 33,000 light-years away, in the galactic plane in order to NATO’s 26 light-years away, which on the one hand around the Galactic Center 250 kilometers per second speed of rotation, on the other hand relative to the around the star speed of 19.7 kilometers per second toward the direction of movement around Vega.

The sun’s diameter is 139.2 million km, is the earth 109 times; the sun’s volume of 141 quadrillion cubic kilometers of Earth’s 1.3 million times; Yiyi Yi Sun’s mass is about 2000 tons, is 33 million times Earth’s. It focused on the quality of 99.865% of the solar system, is an absolute sovereign “king.” However, in the universe, it is just an ordinary middle-star quality.

The sun is a red-hot gas planet, there is no solid star or core. The sun from the center to the edge can be divided into the nuclear reaction zone, radiation zone, convection zone and atmosphere. 99% of its energy from the center of the nuclear reaction zone of the thermonuclear reaction generated. Center of the sun high density and temperature. The main components of the solar atmosphere of hydrogen (mass about 71%) and helium (mass about 27%). The sun’s atmosphere from the inside to the outside can be divided into light balls, chromospheric and coronal three-tier.

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Jim of Ghoststudy bought this picture at auction for $15.00. It’s a mystery as to the circumstances at the time it was taken. It appears to be a girl high in the air with an anxious crowd below. There’s even a man taking a picture of the figure in the sky! At that height, I would think a trampoline would be out of the question.

odd thing about the photo is that there’s a partial image of a large dog in the middle of the crowd. A double exposure? …It’s definitely a possibility.

But whatever is above the crowd is actually there and it’s obvious that the crowd is aware of it. I suspect there is a logical explanation for this human figure to be as high as the church top, so any ideas from you would be appreciated.

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Deep hole in the world


South Africa’s Kimberley diamond mine waste with a total length of approximately 1100 meters

Deep hole in the world


This is full of well-known California dam tunnel …
This is too much for fear of the water dam built to …


This is the world’s largest Utah Kuangdonggou …
Heard that from 1863 to the present are still open which …
The diameter of the deep hole as high as 2.5 miles ~ ~


This is the deepest deep largest natural deep-hole …
Location was in the Honduran capital of Belize City …

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