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Ghost opens door and walks into a room


Ghost opens door and walks into a room

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A running camera on a tripod picks up a ghost.

One night, me and my best friend stacey were home alone and we were watching the simpsons. We had both of my cats oreo and smokey with us. Before we made sure all the doors were shut. We were sitting there. All of a sudden we heard the door open so we got up and went to look. It was closed… Then we locked it and checked the other doors and nothing was there. We went back watching the simpsons and heard the door open again (now remember we locked all the doors). Well the door was shut but it was unlocked. We looked out the window and saw this shadow walk by. I opened the door and yelled “anyone out there?”. No one answered. So I went back to the window and saw this person that was all white, like a ghost floating in the air. I called my dad and he came home and then he told me the story that a women had got hit by a car when she was walking her dog and now she hangs out around our shed.

After I found that out and my dad found out the story was true, we moved right away and they burnt down the house, no one would move there because of the lady that got hit by a car walks around the shed and house.

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