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Gemini Monthly Horoscope – December 2009


Gemini Monthly Horoscope – December 2009

Gemini Job and Career Horoscope in December 2009
Those born under Gemini sun sign will handle technical problems wisely. Good terms with superiors are envisaged. Those hoping for a salary hike may have to wait for a while.

Gemini Business Horoscope in December 2009
Those born under Gemini sun sign will be establishing new business connections. This is not a good time to employ people at higher positions in office, however, people at the assistant level or subordinates in various departments can be appointed.

Gemini Finance and Money Horoscope in December 2009
According to Ganesha, this is going to be an average month for money matters. Those born under Gemini sun sign need to curb expenses, or they may end up borrowing money. Money kept as savings will also be spent. Expenses need to be controlled in order to avoid debts.

Gemini Love/Marriage/Personal life Horoscope in December 2009
For those in love, the fourth week of December seems ideal to propose someone. Those already in a relationship must avoid arguments in this month. Married couples born under Gemini sun sign will see their relationship reach a better level of understanding.

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Monthly Horoscope – May Fortune : Libra


Positive and loving energy from Venus in Gemini will help make this month pleasurable and interesting. You might travel or sample exotic cuisines when you dine out with friends. You’ll be drawn to the occult and metaphysics, but you’ll maintain a healthy skepticism. Ongoing changes and disruption at work could be difficult to manage. With Mars in Leo now, you’ll find that you’ll be active and outgoing and enjoy your time with like-minded people. Get involved with creative groups or organizations. Issues buried in your subconscious may cause self-sabotage. It’s time to take this seriously and examine the past.

Monthly Horoscope – May Fortune : Aquarius


You’ll be flirtatious and romantic this month with Venus in Gemini. A little romance will help you feel alive, passionate, and vital. Social events will be good places to meet new love prospects. The Sun and Mercury in Taurus could make progress with home projects and family matters agonizingly slow. You’ll be focused on getting things done but experience delays and misunderstandings with Mercury retrograde and the Taurus planets in square to your sign. The New Moon in Taurus on May 13 will help you slow down and be more patient. Mars in Leo could cause friction and drama with someone close.