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Jim of Ghoststudy bought this picture at auction for $15.00. It’s a mystery as to the circumstances at the time it was taken. It appears to be a girl high in the air with an anxious crowd below. There’s even a man taking a picture of the figure in the sky! At that height, I would think a trampoline would be out of the question.

odd thing about the photo is that there’s a partial image of a large dog in the middle of the crowd. A double exposure? …It’s definitely a possibility.

But whatever is above the crowd is actually there and it’s obvious that the crowd is aware of it. I suspect there is a logical explanation for this human figure to be as high as the church top, so any ideas from you would be appreciated.

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Overlapped Pictures


Overlapped Pictures

Overlapped pictures are caused in the camera when the film is not fully advanced. The last picture on a 35mm roll overlaps the second to the last picture. This is caused by the fact that you have reached the end of the film and should not have taken the last picture. This usually happens when more than the stated number of pictures are taken on a roll, i.e. 26 exposures on a 24 exposure roll. This is also sometimes called a double-exposure.

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Robert A Ferguson


Robert A Ferguson

This photo was taken on November 16, 1968 when Robert A. Ferguson, author of Psychic Telemetry: New Key to Health, Wealth, and Perfect Living, was giving a speech at a Spiritualist convention in Los Angeles, California. Faintly appearing next to Ferguson is a figure that he later identified as his brother, Walter, who died in 1944 during World War II. At first glance, this might seem to be a double exposure or some kind of darkroom trickery, but this photo is a Polaroid (one of several taken of Ferguson at the time), making any kind of hoaxing quite unlikely.

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