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Mysteries of The Crystal Skulls


Mysteries of The Crystal Skulls

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Marin County has had its share of visiting rock stars, but never one quite like Max the crystal skull.Max is purportedly one of 13 ancient crystal skulls in the world believed to have supernatural and mystical powers. They were the inspiration for last year’s George Lucas blockbuster “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls,” which greatly enhanced Max’s mystique and celebrity.

“Max is a rock star, literally,” smiled Aravel Garduno, a New Age practitioner of crystal healing who is Max’s Marin host for the weekend.

Max had a lot of spirits to energize. Dozens had signed up for meditation and “activation” sessions with him, paying up to $100 for a one-hour private session, $65 for a half-hour session and $35 to be part of a group.

Through Parks, Max was scheduled to deliver a “message for humanity” at a Friday evening “Crystal Messenger” event at Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael that was $35 at the door.

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