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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope – August 2009


Capricorn Monthly Horoscope – August 2009

Capricorn Job and Career Horoscope in August 2009

At the job front, people born under Capricorn sun sign may be working very hard. They may be seen in office most of the time and others may also appreciate this but they may also be putting their health at stake, so they are advised to be careful while they are willing to slog so much.

Capricorn Business Horoscope in August 2009

People born under Capricorn sun sign will not be very satisfied with the progress of their business. They may feel that they should have been able to generate more money out of the efforts that they have been putting in. This month, they will have to push themselves and others to give more output.

Capricorn Finance and Money Horoscope in August 2009

The bank balance of the people born under Capricorn sun sign may go down a bit, unless they try to handle it with utmost care. 11th to 21st of this month is a good period for fiscal gains. Maintaining stability at the fiscal front will be a challenge because Saturn the ruler of the second house of finances is transiting through Virgo.

Capricorn Love/Marriage/Personal life Horoscope in August 2009

Those who are single and looking will be able to establish good terms with someone who is known to them already. Yes, this is a good time to fall for a friend! Those who are already in a relationship may maintain physical distance but emotionally, they may remain attached. For married couples born under Capricorn sun sign, this is the month of understanding and harmony.

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