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Top Ten Unsolved Mysteries of Tibet

Top Ten Unsolved Mysteries of Tibet


Wild Mystery

Tibet “savages” of the mystery has always been lot of heated discussions, is “the world’s four major mystery,” one of the. As early as 1784, China had Tibet Savage’s documented. In recent years, people have continued to witness the Himalayan mountain activities and Savage Savage snatched a woman marry local men having children matter. Already a number of eastern Tibet expedition in-depth study, but Savage is still a mystery.


Hong-Xue Mystery

The Himalayas, 5,000 m above the surface of ice and snow, often dotted with blood red spots, seen from afar as the Hong-Xue. The red spot is from the snow suits algae, streams Prochlorococcus and snow-old fiber composed of algae and other algae. In permanent ice and snow, the highlands algae widely distributed, cold strong, minus 36 degrees that does not mean death. Redness of the skin because of its contained pigment, so red.


Wizard puzzle

Under the domination of religious ideas in the original ancestors of the Tibetans that: whether it is in heaven, underground or underwater, there are gods, but also are all worldly things take orders from the gods. In the course of human development, there were constant illusion that it could control and influence of objective things, and some natural phenomena, so they had a ritual and witchcraft activities, the shaman began. Tibetan religious worship, as the original host, shamans are said to be truly inspired, and can talk with the spirits, the above up to public opinion, under the expressive Zhi; predictable fate is good and bad fortune, in addition to disaster illnesses; also engaged in signs, divination, the purposes of Zhao soul, exorcism and witchcraft and so on. They are the bridge between man and God and the media enjoy a very high prestige.

However, as time passes, we are the shaman’s various situations, such as name, heritage, costumes, religious objects, altars, spells, witchcraft, divination and so on, almost unknown. Perhaps in some remote places, more or less to retain some of the more primitive religion, close to the shaman’s face, yet we have further to go visit.


Rainbow Mystery

Is to command the monk passed away when in a mysterious phenomenon. It is said that a high state of cultivation to the passed away monk, its flesh will be transformed into a rainbow in it, into the Pure Land Buddhists call it the immeasurable palace blank lines.


Everest Kiun

On a sunny day, floating in the shape of the top of Everest often milky white flag of smoke, this is Mount Everest Kiun. Kiun is the formation of convective clouds may be flowing in accordance with its location and height, to infer the size of peak wind. If the location of the more Kiun flowing upward lifting shows that the smaller high-altitude winds, the more downward tilt, the greater the wind; if and peak flush, wind around 9. Therefore, the Everest Cowin has “the world’s highest wind vane,” said.


Katao Mystery

Katao, which means “land of albatross,” History of Han Dynasty records “single with”, is the earliest centers of civilization in Tibet Plateau. According to archaeological studies and historical records, Katao 10th century BC, had the rise of the Tibetan plateau, and as early as the establishment of relations between Tibet and the Tang Dynasty. AD 6-7 century, Katao has been mainly based on animal husbandry, both the agricultural industry. Ancient Katao exerted a high civilization, which has not only created its own unique Katao text, but also a traditional indigenous religion of Tibet – Bon’s birthplace, to the later Tibetan culture in Tibet as a whole had a profound impact. Shang-Shung dynasty reached its height when he has a strong military power, whose territory includes most of the Tibetan Plateau and Qinghai, Sichuan, as part of, as well as the western Kashmir and Ladakh. Later, the Tibetan plateau in Tibet, gradually rising to the eighth century AD, when the complete conquest of the Shang-Shung. Since then, Shang-Shung culture of the Kingdom, and suddenly disappeared, its language literature, and so far Wucongkaozheng palace ruins, leaving several thousand of the suspect.



“Life of King Gesar” is a well-known full-length Tibetan heroic epic, from its original prototype developed to the Department a total of over a hundred as many as can be described as a long giant system, “Life of King Gesar” in popular circulation in two forms, one verbal hip-hop forms, one is the manuscripts, block-printed edition form. Rap is the main form of oral, through the advent of hip-hop artists rap Yin from generation to generation, while the rapper has a variety of legendary.

Among the many rap artists, those who can rap artists are often more than excellent that he is the “divine artist”, that is the story of their rap is God given. “God grant rapper” many claiming to be done during their childhood dream, followed by illness, and in the dream had to be God, or the wishes of King Gesar, the sick or recovered later by the monks chanting prayers to open the rap Gesar the intellectual door, from this will be a rap.

In Tibet, some teenagers are illiterate, sick or after the child woke up, enticed millions of words long rap epic, still can not explain this mysterious phenomenon.


The mystery of Guge

9 mid-century, the Tubo Dynasty ninth World Tsenpo Langdarma were killed, their great-grandchildren, Ali fled to the region. About the tenth century AD, their descendants established a Gugewangguo, in the past 700 years long history has created a splendid civilization. In 1630, Ladakh were invaded and destroyed the ancient grid. However, from the recorded point of view, caused by the war massacres and looting is not sufficient to destroy the civilization of ancient Georgia, but the disappearance of the ancient Mayan civilization grid of civilization has striking similarities, have taken place in unusually abrupt. In today’s ruins in the vicinity can often see such a scene: more than 10 families guarded for thousands of people living in a city, which is more than 10 families are not descendants of the ancient grid. Then the same day hundreds of thousands of minority Guge how people disappeared without a trace out?

Today, the vast Gugewangguo ruins the magic, “Guge Silver Eye”, a headless mummified holes and numerous antiquities treasures attract archaeologists to explore. But why suddenly vanished civilization of ancient Georgia is still a mystery.


Terma Mystery

Terma is Bon and Tibetan Buddhists in their religious beliefs by the catastrophe, when hiding in the future to re-excavated the classic, the book is divided into Tibet, Tibetan, knowledge and possession of sacred objects. Book Tibet Jizhi classics, fingering device Tibetan relics, the relics of eminent monks and so on. The most amazing is the knowledge possession. Possession of knowledge is buried deep in people’s consciousness of Terma, said that when some kind of classical or qi gong in the event of a disaster can not be handed down when the delegate from the spirits hidden in the depths of a person’s consciousness in order to avoid lost. When given the re-transmission conditions, in some mysterious, inspired by Buddhist scriptures man who has been delegated (some non-literate farmers and herdsmen) can be written or recorded chanting out, this phenomenon is the mystery of Terton .


Mystery of Shambhala

Shambhala, also translated as “Shangri-La”, meaning “holding comfortably”, said the myth of the Buddhist world, the birthplace of Kalachakra teachings. With regard to the existence of Shambhala There has always been skeptical of the Shambhala Buddhist scholars think that is a fictional paradise.

Tibetan historical records recorded in great detail for the Shambhala: Shambhala at the western end of the central snow-capped mountains, round like Lian Ban, surrounded by snow-capped mountains surrounded, from the snow-capped peak to the foot of the mountain forests, the growth of a variety of flowers and herbs, small lakes, lush grass, tree-lined, there are many sacred self-cultivation. Its central square stands a magnificent Jialuo Bo Wang Palace, the palace of King and chambers of various central throne, King had with many ministers and the army, you can ride the lions, elephants, horses numerous. Here rich resources, the people live and work, from the WANG Chen elite to the ordinary people are pious Buddhist, dedicated to Sambo … …

However, Shambhala (the Shangri-la) exists or not, is still a mystery.