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Hi my friend took a photo of her and to her surprise there was a really weird ghost figure besides her. here’s here original quote when she sent it to me. (knowing I like the paranormal) “this is a photo taken from my friends Mac, which was in her garage. there’s a hand, like a handprint. and look down below it, there’s a top part of a face.

it’s not photoshopped, it’s not edited in any way.” in the top left there’s a clear visible hand and in the lower right there’s a face (from what she can see) but I believe its part of the other hand. I believe her and its a pretty creepy image. take a look hopefully you’ll like it.

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Alien Fossil


Alien Fossil

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Is it real or is it a natural phenomenon? A reg kitchen table with an eery alien creature embedded in the natural wood.Could it be a spirit caught in the oak? Music from “Healing Garden.

Fossils (from Latin fossus, literally “having been dug up”) are the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants, and other organisms from the remote past. The totality of fossils, both discovered and undiscovered, and their placement in fossiliferous (fossil-containing) rock formations and sedimentary layers (strata) is known as the fossil record. The study of fossils across geological time, how they were formed, and the evolutionary relationships between taxa (phylogeny) are some of the most important functions of the science of paleontology. Such a preserved specimen is called a “fossil” if it is older than some minimum age, most often the arbitrary date of 10,000 years ago.[1] Hence, fossils range in age from the youngest at the start of the Holocene Epoch to the oldest from the Archaean Eon several billion years old. The observations that certain fossils were associated with certain rock strata led early geologists to recognize a geological timescale in the 19th century. The development of radiometric dating techniques in the early 20th century allowed geologists to determine the numerical or “absolute” age of the various strata and thereby the included fossils.

Like extant organisms, fossils vary in size from microscopic, such as single bacterial cells [2] only one micrometer in diameter, to gigantic, such as dinosaurs and trees many meters long and weighing many tons. A fossil normally preserves only a portion of the deceased organism, usually that portion that was partially mineralized during life, such as the bones and teeth of vertebrates, or the chitinous exoskeletons of invertebrates. Preservation of soft tissues is rare in the fossil record. Fossils may also consist of the marks left behind by the organism while it was alive, such as the footprint or feces (coprolites) of a reptile. These types of fossil are called trace fossils (or ichnofossils), as opposed to body fossils. Finally, past life leaves some markers that cannot be seen but can be detected in the form of biochemical signals; these are known as chemofossils or biomarkers.

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Chang Hui-mei concert white woman


Chang Hui-mei concert white woman

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In the singer Chang Hui-mei’s concert
Emergence of a tall
The wonderful long-haired white audience
Gone with the Wind very much the fans like the A
But in the end is not determined
The following was the news stories:

New Year’s Eve concert Alarmed white ghost? A-Mei is a devout Christian, said do not believe in supernatural
2006/01/09 13:36
New Year’s Eve last year, the Kaohsiung Chang Hui-mei days after the concert, out of the performers, but there are sharp-eyed viewers found that when A-Mei’s singing, “three days and three nights”, the crowd went so far as the emergence of a white long-haired people, similar to the ghost, also appear in an addendum-Mei’s official website, has fueled heated debate. But professional photographers Huang Guanghua said: “This is a human, not a ghost”!

A-Mei’s singing on stage is HIGH, the audience is very enthusiastic fans, Hong Yinv simply climbed up a friend on the shoulders swing, but he is also next to who, white hair, still vaguely suffused with green, at first glance much like the ghost, amplification of view, we feel even more like a ghost, scary, professional photographers Huang Guanghua that people should not be afraid, this should be is human.

Huang Guanghua said that it will cause such an effect, should be the scene due to lighting and clothing, and pointing to the screen that the audience that the rear lights is probably the source of light projection. But such images, or has fueled a wide range of discussions, many people feel that she was exceptionally large, and joked that her boyfriend is a Hercules only carry the play, she said Yukan Yu terror, because it is really too big only!

User must have scared everyone to escape, but it was an exaggeration to say that Qiyeguaitan of Sadako have been drawn to the! But not everyone is so scared, it was clear-cut that she is a human, do not guess of; also stated that even if a ghost is a ghost fans will certainly bless the A-Mei’s new album sold! As for A-Mei’s in Japan, I did not know this news, but her agent stressed that A-Mei is a devout Catholic, does not believe that supernatural occurrences, and we should not even think about too much.

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