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“The largest stone in the world”, Baalbek, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon – The Mysterious Gigantic Megaliths of Baalbeck Temples


“The largest stone in the world”, Baalbek, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon – The Mysterious Gigantic Megaliths of Baalbeck Temples

Baalbeck Temples, Moreover, the stone blocks put up by the Romans (never exceeding 70 tones) were far lighter in comparison to the massive stones.

If you explore the quarry site 3 miles away from the temples, you can still find an unmoved stone block called ‘the stone of the pregnant woman’ there, which is estimated to be of 1500 tons. It is stunning how these stone blocks, dating back to prehistoric times could be cut into such accurate shapes and fitted together without a single hair-gap precision!

These are undoubtedly the largest stone blocks of the earth and should set you wondering what kind of engineering went behind the fit and alignment of these massive structures.

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