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Anencephalic baby


Anencephalic baby

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In announcing that the Brazilian Supreme Court may soon rule on whether to permit abortions for anencephalic babies – infants born without a complete brain – Folha de Sao Paulo columnist Josias de Souza claimed that such children normally die within days of birth.

But tell that to Cacilda Galante Ferreira, whose daughter Marcela was born with anencephaly a year and a half ago in Morro Agudo, Sao Paulo State, Brazil.  The baby is very much alive, quite healthy, and responds to family members.

“One week I had to go out and I left Marcela sleeping with my other daughter.  When I returned she was agitated and crying.  I can’t stay away from her for one minute,” her mother told the newspaper A Cidade in February.

Although she was born without most of her brain, Marcela Ferreira has lived for a year and a half with little extraordinary care.  She receives oxygen supplementation and eats through a feeding tube inserted through her nose, but otherwise lives normally.  She interacts with family members and shows signs of consciousness. Her presence is a joy for all.

“My little dear, the little infant so small and fragile, is today strong and very much loved by everyone,” her mother reportedly wrote in a diary entry.  “Little Marcela came into the world to touch our hearts and to show us the true meaning of life.”

When Marcela was diagnosed with anencephaly, still in the womb, her mother was given the option to abort the child.  Her doctor, she says, “gave me a week to decide if I was going to continue with the pregnancy.  I responded that it is not right to be so cruel as to kill that small and innocent child.”

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