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Wonder Rocks Nature Phenomenon in Bulgaria


Wonder Rocks Nature Phenomenon in Bulgaria

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Wonder rocks /Chudnite skali/ – Natural rock phenomena
Location – Near Asparuhovo, district of Varna, Black sea districs – north.
Natural phenomenon “Wonderful rocks ” is situated on the banks of dam lake Tsonevo of right bank of the river Luda Kamchia near the village Asparuhovo, 50 m from the asphalt road that connects the villages Dobromir and Asparuhovo. As main road artery linking cities Aitos and Dalgopol, it is quite charge time, and the proximity of the rock phenomenon makes it especially accessible. Distance of 90 kilometers Southwest of Varna, 3 kilometers divide it from the nearest railway station village Asparuhovo, 8 kilometers to Komunari village, which is the railway unit, from there go and stop trains from Sofia, Plovdiv.

“The Wonderful rocks ” are really beautiful and impressive rock composition. Have forms of pointed, high cone and pyramids. Taking a view from a distance to them, they look like an tumble off ancient castle. From the west they descend vertically to the waters of the river and to the east they gradually lost height and become more diverse. From the level of river rocks rise to 50 – 60 meters height, and up the slope their length is about 200 meters. Under “Wonderful rock” are connected three tunnels, which are no longer used. Them can be measured approximately to the thickness of the rock wall just above their base. The first two are 16 meters by distance between them 17 meters. The third wall is 55 meters thick and is 6 meters from the second. Against the background of the equal slope on the banks of the river they rear their pointed peaks and provoke admiration for its natural beauty.

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October 2009 Pisces fortune


October 2009 Horoscopes Newsletter: October 2009 Pisces fortune

October 2009 Pisces fortune

In October 2009 Pisces fortune Brief: This is a euphoric mood of joy in October, but please do not neglect the important intellectual functioning Oh!

May be a long-standing waiting for has happened, perhaps some things as you wish carried out in this month, appeared to be quite happy for you feel euphoric, mood continued haunted by the feeling of you, regardless of party eat, drink or everyday working life, you are happy with admiration feels lucky it has also infected other people!

But still have to remind you to relax while in the joy, or to maintain the operation of a rational mind, which deal with matters to deal with the serious time to serious, this way can be more at ease to enjoy the present happiness!

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