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my name is John and I live in the Netherlands. I live in a big house that was built around 1940. I sleep in the attic of the house. In the early years my gramps was using it for mixing up chemicals for his company.

He died 10 years ago, very suddenly. Ever since I spent a lot of time in that room just as he did. A while back I took this photo in my room. I was smoking a ”J” at the time (it’s legal in Holland) and my thoughts where on the spirit world. I decided to take a picture of the smoke I blew out my mouth. When this came out I was shocked!!

I see a person in the picture and its not in a happy mood! Other people see more than just one person. I don’t know why but every since I can remember I have felt spirits. I am aged 26 now and at my 14th I had my first encounter with a shadow figure, I have never been that scared in my life.

In our house the toilet flushes on its own on a regular basis. Lights will flash when I have discussions going on with my family. We are used to that now. Anyway, I wanted to share this pic with you guys.

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I was just wondering if you guys could take a look at this picture for me. in the mirror, I see a face…we always have odd things happening around the home, things being moved, temperature drops,  black shapes darting around corners, banging, creaking, flickering lights, things of that nature. we believe the place to be pretty active and we call the supposed entity the grumpy old man. He was actually our landlords father and he died about 10 years ago. It may be nothing but, if you could just tell me what you think. And by the way, the mirror was clean, thanks so much

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