Leo Monthly Horoscope – August 2009


Leo Monthly Horoscope – August 2009

Leo Job and Career Horoscope in August 2009

In this month, people born under Leo sun sign will be trying very hard to meet the targets. They may also feel discomfort in dealing with superiors or those who are in a position to tell them something or even with those who are in the position to guide them. They must also avoid getting into office politics and should also take things in right spirit.

Leo Business Horoscope in August 2009

This is an average month in terms of income and expenses at the business front. People born under Leo sun sign may see positive changes in everything only after the 16th of this month, but till then, they might feel that the situation is dampening or profits are reducing.They may try to concentrate more on the savings out of the earnings but this month they might have to go the extra mile to earn more money in order to meet the expenses.

Leo Finance and Money Horoscope in August 2009

The financial condition of the people born under Leo sun sign may be satisfactory till mid August 2009. However, the second half is a bit difficult where in they may not spend very freely because of financial constraints. Ganesha foresees them becoming more calculative and others may feel that they are trying to be more economical and not spending money as they used to!

Leo Love/Marriage/Personal life Horoscope in August 2009

For singles born under Leo sun sign, this is a favourable month to attract someone. Those who are already in a relationship will have to try very hard to cultivate better understanding. Married couples born under Leo sun sign must refrain from arguments. Ganesha strongly feels that they must need to display greater maturity in order to keep the boat sailing smoothly at the personal front.

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